No Oaks column

Chris Oaks is off today. His “5 Questions with Chris Oaks” column will return next Saturday.

Council Legislation

July 1, 2014 Public Attendance: 4 ORDINANCES • 2014-53, third reading, by emergency, authorizing the service-safety director to enter into a contract with the Hancock County commissioners for dog warden services. Motion to amend the ordinance approved 9-0, with 4th Ward...

Ladies, get in touch with your wild side this summer

Ohio women have the chance to be part of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ inaugural Ohio Women’s Outdoor Adventures weekend on Aug. 22-24. It is open to women 12 years of age and older. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Burr Oak State Park...

VIDEO: Living in Limbo

Amy Peters was convicted of driving with a suspended license in January 2013 and sentenced to serve 5 days in Hancock County Jail. She has tried 16 times before to report to the jail to serve her time and has been turned away all 16 times due to “overcrowding issues.”