A Christmas Present for a Friend

Milepost 909 (Click on image to see animation.) While it is always fun to receive presents during the Christmas season, I have also found that I really enjoy giving things to people that I think they will like but for one reason or another, wouldn’t get them for themselves....

Wishful Thinking

Here I sit, the Tuesday before Christmas, wondering what Santa will bring. What I wish for is an Ohio State victory over Alabama tonight to advance to the NCAA football championship. I can dream of a victory over powerhouse Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl. Here goes: Ohio State...

Happy New Year!

Milepost 908   Another year has come and gone. Hopefully, we have all had an opportunity to do at least some of the things that we want to do for our model railroad hobby. I had hoped to get the layout torn down and at least started on a rebuild but that hasn’t...

“This One’s for US!”

Milepost 907 I hope I haven’t shared this one previously… dlm

Annual Letter to Santa Claus

Milepost 905   When I was very young, my one grandmother lived about two hours away and we didn’t get to see her all that often. So Mom would help us write a “Letter to Santa” so that she would know what we wanted for Christmas. Later, when I was in...

Older Railroads in Hancock County

Milepost 902   As can bee seen in this map sketch from an old article in THE COURIER, there was quite a bit of railroad activity in Hancock County back in the heyday of railroading. And, for those of you who are “locals,” there are quite a few towns shown on this...