Findlay’s homeless avoiding the cold

Findlay’s homeless are holed up out of the cold like everyone else, a homeless shelter official said today.

They heard the weather forecasts like everybody else and arranged to stay with family or a friend during the subzero weather, said Dewey Harris, mission director for City Mission of Findlay homeless shelter. City Mission of Findlay had only four additional people who were staying on Monday because of the extremely cold weather.

“Most people know that the cold’s coming, so they’re going to stay where they are at. We don’t have in Findlay a population living underneath a bridge somewhere that is huddled around a 50-gallon oil drum, keeping warm,” Harris said. “Here, homelessness is more people living from couch to couch. So the couch that they are living at, they are not going to kick them out into the cold. But if it’s 40 degreees they might, and so, it’s kind of a situation where people are going to stay put where they are.”

Harris and Executive Director Phil Arnold do not expect the City Mission to get filled with people unless a lengthy power outage occurs.

The big influx to the City Mission is expected to occur at its dinner time Wednesday when the temperatures are forecast to reach the teens, Harris said. That’s because milder temperatures are safer for walking, which is the only transportation mode available for most of the Mission’s clients.


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