Update: Cat in downspout at Donnell Middle School

When Susan Orians called for her cat to come in Wednesday night, she heard an unexpected meow.

“I knew it wasn’t mine,” Orians said. “My cat has a really girly meow and this one was much bigger and deeper.”

The meow came from Donnell Middle School, across the street from Orians’ house, where a cat was in a downspout attached to the building. Orians called the school’s principal, Findlay police and animal control.

Dana Berger, Hancock County dog warden, and school Principal Don Williams went out Wednesday night to take a look, but officials didn’t try to free the cat until Thursday.

“It was awful, my daughter and I were miserable the whole night,” Orians said.

Officials cut a hole in the pipe Thursday to free the cat, but couldn’t get the animal to come out, Berger said. Instead, Barger fed the cat tuna and set a safe trap with tuna in the drainage system’s basin, to lure the cat out.

“This is not uncommon,” Berger said. “It’s probably a stray that went in there to stay warm and it probably got turned around and doesn’t know where it’s at.”

Courier reporter Max Filby will have more on Friday.


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