Armed robbery reported at Findlay Taco Bell

A Taco Bell at 1125 Tiffin Ave. in Findlay was robbed at 10:28 a.m. today.
A white female entered the restaurant and demanded money from an employee while brandishing a black handgun, police said.
The employee complied and the suspect left the restaurant on foot before getting into a silver, four-door vehicle.
Nobody was hurt during the robbery and no shots were fired.
The vehicle left in an unknown direction on Tiffin Avenue, police said.
The suspect was approximately five feet tall with a thin build and wore a camouflage coat, jeans and boots. Her face was also partially covered, police said.
The incident is still under investigation, police said.



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Jerry Siferd says:

I agree Spit

Ortiz Dear says:

I am glad to see someone with some sense lol. I agree with you 100%. Too bad not everybody thinks like you. Color of peoples skin doesn't define who we are., it's the content of peoples character. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who still can't see past it, its sad.

Ortiz Dear says:

@ Patricia and what's that supposed to mean??

Brian Myers says:

Fostoria just another town like Findlay no matter where u go

Jason Hartman says:

So sad but true. Findlay is becoming so crime ridden . Never really wanted to see this day, with my young children .

Koreen Young says:

She's probably the girlfriend of the guy who robbed the Adult Mart.

Sue Wedge says:

Wow!!! All this happening in Findlay but !!!! U talk to people in Findlay not all but a lot of them will tell u they will drive out of there way to drive around fostoria cause there afraid to drive though WELL!!! What they should be afraid of is right there every body downs fostoria but it just go's to show bad things happen every where so the next time u think about driving clear around our town think about what's gone on in your own town !!!

Dead body at McDonald' mart robbery and now taco bell? We need to take our town back wow