McComb schools to make up for calamity days online

McComb Local Schools may not have to extend its school year too long, despite the district’s 13 snow days.

The state recently approved a plan submitted by McComb to make up three additional calamity days online instead of tacking them on at the end of the school year. School districts are usually allotted five calamity days that students don’t have to make up, according to the state.

Only snow days that occurred after the state’s approval can be used toward the online make-up procedure. Once individual lessons from teachers are made available online this week, Skilliter hopes the district can use them in the event of another cancelation.

“We’ll be communicating it a lot with parents because this is the first time McComb has ever done something like this,” Skilliter said.

The district may also catch a break if state legislators follow through with a request from Gov. John Kasich to increase this year’s cap on snow days. Kasich said on Monday that extended school years can “wreak havoc” on school budgets and schedules.



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