Heminger: Campus expansion based partly on flood control ‘progression’

Gary Heminger, Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s CEO, said the company’s $80 million campus expansion plan is based in part on flood control “progression,” which he impressed upon federal officials in Washington, D.C. during a visit two weeks ago.

Heminger said he thinks there is enough flood control interest and momentum at the national level to make the whole campus expansion a reality.

“Any business that is significantly impacted by flooding would be asking themselves whether they should make changes,” said Heminger.

The flooding impact to Marathon has been significant, with the 2007 flood causing $4.1 million in first floor and basement damages, and numerous other floods keeping its employees from getting to work within the city.

“It is imperative that we resolve the flooding problem. But I remain confident that as a community we will address this problem and our downtown will be a vibrant location for our expanded headquarters,” said Heminger.

Courier reporter Joy Brown and Denise Grant are working on a story focusing on regional leaders’ recent economic emphasis in their flood control lobbying.


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