Hancock County plow trucks to operate under restricted hours

Hancock County plow trucks will be operating under restricted hours for the rest of the winter.

County Engineer Christopher Long said roadways will only be plowed between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., when needed.

Long said the restriction is needed to save both money and salt as the season winds down.

“… Plowing has not been limited like this in the past because we have not had a winter like this one. We have about 50 tons of salt left and 250 tons of salt and stone mix,” Long said.

It has taken about 400 more tons of salt and thousands more in overtime costs to keep Hancock County’s roadways clear of snow and ice this winter, compared to last year.

The engineer’s office had about 1,900 tons of salt left over from last winter, and ordered another 1,000 tons of salt this winter. The county paid $41,800 for the additional salt.

County snowplow drivers have been paid about 3,720 overtime hours so far this winter, at a cost of $94,300. Last winter, drivers were paid 585 overtime hours at a cost of $19,600.



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