Husted announces election board appointments

Two members of the Hancock County Board of Elections have been reappointed by Secretary of State Jon Husted.

Elizabeth Candler, a Democrat, and P. Richard Larick, a Republican, have been appointed to additional two-year terms.

Ohio law requires bipartisan representation on each of Ohio’s 88 county boards of elections. Each board is made up of two Republican members and two Democratic members, all of whom must be qualified electors in the counties for which they serve.

The secretary of state makes the appoints based on the recommendations of the executive committees of each county’s political parties.

Terms for board members are staggered so that half of the board, one Democrat and one Republican, are up every two years.

A total of 176 new board members were appointed this year, which amounts to half of the 352 board members statewide. The new members began their terms on Saturday.

Hancock County’s Board of Elections also includes Chairwoman Nancy Stephani, a Democrat, and David W. Sphar, a Republican. The board’s directors are Jody O’Brien, a Republican, and Lori Miller, a Democrat.

Appointments to surrounding counties include:

  • Allen County — incumbent Ida Kay Keller, a Democrat, and David Rodabaugh, a Republican, who is newly appointed.
  • Hardin — Russell Ludwig, a Democrat, and Gerald Potter, a Republican, both incumbents.
  • Henry —  Republican Lowell Shank Jr., who is newly appointed.
  • Putnam — incumbent Carla Tooman, a Democrat, and Virginia Price, a Republican, who is newly appointed.
  • Seneca — Mary Puffenberger, a Democrat, and Janet Leahy, a Republican, both incumbents.
  • Wood — Richard Newlove, a Democrat, and Matthew Reger, a Republican, both incumbents.
  • Wyandot — Kenneth Miller, a Democrat, and Thomas Menningen, a Republican, both incumbents.


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