Election board: Rhonda Damschroder OK for write-in ballot

FREMONT — Sandusky County Board of Elections voted unanimously Wednesday afternoon to dismiss the petition against Rhonda Damschroder’s write-in candidacy for the 88th District seat.

John Brewer, a Clyde resident, submitted a written objection to the candidacy late last month.

 Damschroder looks to serve as a placeholder for her husband, Rex,  88th district state representative,  in the May primary election in hopes of securing his spot in the district. Rex Damschroder officially withdrew his candidacy for re-election Feb. 12 after missing one signature on his petition. This “oversight,” as he called it in a previous interview with the Review Times, voided his candidacy and made him ineligible to enter the race as a write-in.

In Brewer’s objection, he stated the Damschroder duo’s substitution strategy goes against Ohio law, specifically Ohio Revised Code 3513.041 which pertains to write-in candidates. He said the code makes no mention of allowing a placeholder.

The election board ruled Wednesday the objection had no merit.



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