Hite, Sprague say $4 million more coming for flood control in Ottawa

State Sen. Cliff Hite and Rep. Robert Sprague announced Monday that area flood-control efforts are in line for more state funding.

Sprague said the state will earmark $4 million for flood-control construction in Ottawa. That is in addition to $3 million already committed by the state for flood-control efforts.

Under initial recommendations from the Army Corps of Engineers, Ottawa would modify the embankment for the I-9 bridge, which acts like a dam during floods, backing up water toward the village.

A diversion channel in the area of the I-9 bridge would also stop the Blanchard River from meandering in the area of the bridge during floods.

The state legislators, both Findlay Republicans, made the announcement at Findlay’s downtown Kan Du art studio.

Monday’s announcement about the flood-control money came just days after Gov. John Kasich announced that his $2.4 billion state construction budget includes money for both the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts and the Kan Du Community Art Center project in Findlay.

A total of $800,000 is being budgeted for the new performing arts center. Kan Du will receive $300,000.

Courier reporter Denise Grant will have more on Tuesday.



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