Findlay man sentenced to 8 years for baseball bat assault

A Findlay man who contended he is “not a monster” despite attacking two others with a baseball bat was sentenced on Wednesday to eight years in prison.

Shawn R. Yeater, 25, admitted entering 406 E. Lima St., Apt. A., and striking two men on July 10.

The assault occurred after binge drinking between three acquaintances, said defense attorney Patterson Higgins.

Yeater grew irritated from an argument and returned to his home. He later broke into the apartment with his bat while the two men were asleep, Higgins said.

He recalls few details of the crime, Higgins said.

Yeater has suffered from violence in his past, Higgins said. It contributed to prior mental and emotional problems, he said.

“You put alcohol in that mix and it just mushrooms way out of proportion,” Higgins said.

Yeater apologized to Hancock County Common Pleas Court Judge Reginald Routson for his mistakes.

“It’s not who I am. I’m not a monster,” Yeater said.

Yeater pleaded guilty to a first-degree felony of aggravated burglary and two second-degree felonies of felonious assault.

Routson ordered restitution of $3,263 to one victim. The other man did not submit a medical bill.


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