Findlay projects to get more money from state

The Ohio House approved a $2.4 billion state construction budget today that includes more money for the arts in Findlay than expected.

The Marathon Center for the Performing Arts is now in line to receive $1 million in the budget, and the Kan Du Community Art Center project is set to receive $520,000.

The Ohio Senate is expected to vote on the bill Tuesday.

Gov. John Kasich’s newly-formed Capital Arts & Culture Committee recommended $800,000 for the performing arts center and $300,000 for Kan Du just last week.

Sen. Cliff Hite said the House and Senate are also asked for recommendations, and the final number is the result of negotiations between all three groups.

Construction of the $10-million Marathon Center for the Performing Arts is expected to begin this spring, with the center to open in the fall of 2015.

Kan Du is an extension of Blanchard Valley Industries, Hancock County’s work habilitative program for adults with developmental disabilities. The studio offers a boutique setting for artwork to be created, displayed and sold.

The concept of art as employment for individuals with disabilities is relatively new. Kan Du opened in 2007. The studio wants to expand, and become part of a community visual arts center.

In all, it will take about $780,000 to renovate a building to house the center. The balance of the money may need to come through fundraising. A site has not yet been selected.



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