UPDATE: Man arrested after early morning chase in Findlay

A Findlay man has been arrested following an early morning chase near the University of Findlay.

A Findlay police officer was attempting to stop a 1996 black Dodge Ram truck driven by Robert Ferdinandsen, 54, of Findlay, at the intersection of Frazer and Bolton streets when Ferdinandsen failed to comply and tried to flee.

The officer chased Ferdinandsen down several city streets and through residential yards before Ferdinandsen tried to drive between a tree and telephone pole at 712 College St., getting his truck stuck between them in the process. Ferdinandsen then tried to flee on foot, but was eventually caught by the officer after a stun gun was used on him.

Hanco EMS treated Ferdinandsen for asthma-related issues at the scene.

Ferdinandsen was charged with failure to comply with an officer, and he is currently being held in Hancock County Jail.


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