Findlay students to make up snow days through extended school hours

Findlay City Schools will make up its snow days by extending the school day by one hour for 11 straight days this month.
The Findlay school board approved a make-up day calender today that would extend the school day from April 8 through April 23.
Ohio school districts are normally allotted five “calamity days” for which they can cancel school. Findlay schools had nine snow days this year, meaning it must make up four days.
“This is a good solution to a difficult situation,” said Dean Wittwer, superintendent.
Wittwer has supported the newly approved make-up schedule and said that getting time with students before state testing starts later this month is better than just tacking days on to the end of the year.
To make up for a missed day, the state requires students attend school for five and a half hours, meaning the district will make up two days through the one hour extensions. The district made up one of its days on Feb. 17 and will make up another on May 30, according to the approved schedule.
Gov. John Kasich approved legislation in March that gave districts four more snow days if they had canceled classes more than nine times. The legislation also allowed districts to make up days in half hour increments.


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