Wittwer being considered for job in Allen County

Dean Wittwer is being considered for the superintendent job of Allen County’s Educational Service Center.

Wittwer, superintendent for Findlay City Schools, said he was asked to come talk to officials in Allen County about the job last week. Wittwer said he isn’t sure whether he would take the job if offered to him.

“It’s one of the opportunities I’m considering,” Wittwer said. “There’s a couple others.”

Wittwer, previously an art teacher, had his first teaching job in Allen County, he said.

“I know the area pretty well,” he said.

Wittwer spent the past nine years as Findlay’s superintendent and 12 years before that as the superintendent of Wapakoneta schools.

Wittwer, who is stepping down at the end of July, will be replaced by Edward Kurt, superintendent of Margaretta schools.



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