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Doctor testifies in sexual assault case

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Bluffton Dr. James Gideon, the defendant in a current sexual assault case in Lima Municipal Court, took the stand Friday to defend allegations that several women claim he sexually assaulted them while they were treated by him.
“You’ve heard a lot of the first part. I’d like to present the second part,” Gideon told jurors.
Gideon is accused of five counts of sexual imposition, all misdemeanor offenses, in Lima Municipal Court. Seven women originally filed charges against Gideon. Two cases have been dropped since the start of the case Wednesday.
Gideon has plead not guilty to all charges. He denied all charges when he took the stand Friday.
The State of Ohio Medical board suspended Gideon’s license last year following allegation of sexual assault.
Gideon said he found he had to treat several women who came to him with pain in their upper back, shoulders and neck. He looked into the use of bras in causing back pain, seeing several studies that said bras had caused pain in patients.
He found during his research bra straps that were wider, padded, and came in at a different angle cased less pain, Gideon told the jury.
Gideon also told the jury about his research into the benefits of massage therapy for fibromyalgia patients. He discovered through reading several studies that massage appeared to help fibromyalgia patients. He also found massage therapy helped with the pain of shots used to treat patients, which he said were especially painful for fibromyalgia patients.
Because of his research, he began using massage on sites he planned on placing shots, he said.
Gideon used a clothed dummy Friday night to show jurors how he would inject a fibromyalgia patient and massage the patient’s leg after the injection was administered. He pulled the dummy’s pants down very slightly and left the underwear intact. He swabbed the area with iodine, used the shot, and then massaged the dummy’s hip very lightly, above where the pants were pulled down.
One patient testified Thursday that Gideon had cut out her underwire of her bra during an appointment when she felt she was sexually assaulted by the doctor. Gideon responded to that accusation Friday, saying he believed the female patient’s underwire of her bra was bruising her ribs due to research he had done, so he cut it out and explained to her that the bra was causing her pain.
He also demonstrated on a dummy where he would push a patient’s breast out of the way to complete injections in her rib cage, after one patient complained he had touched her inappropriately on her breast.
The trial is expected to continue Saturday morning at 8 a.m. in Lima. Gideon is expected to be cross-examined by the prosecutor.

Courier crime reporter Eileen McClory will have more on Saturday.


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