Findlay Council backs away from e-cigarette regulation

Findlay City Council decided Tuesday to not consider banning e-cigarettes in indoor public places where cigarettes have already been prohibited.
The ban was proposed by Findlay City Health Department personnel and a pulmonary specialist last week, but a majority of council hesitated to even form a committee to further discuss the idea.
Third Ward Councilman Ron Monday, charged with polling council members individually, on Tuesday said eight were against creating a committee and two were in favor.
When asked if council should, as a whole, appeal to state legislators to push for e-cigarette regulation at the state level, four council members said yes, five said no, and one didn’t care, Monday said.
Although cities such as Los Angeles, and schools such as Ohio State University, have enacted e-cigarette bans, no government entity in Ohio has done so.
Health professionals here were hoping Findlay would be a trailblazer, although there is not yet scientific evidence showing that so-called “vaping,” and its second-hand emissions, can be harmful.


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