FINAL UPDATE OF VOTING RESULTS HERE. Hite, Riegle win; all Hancock levies OK’d, except Van Buren.

Unofficial results from the  Hancock County Board of Elections and Ohio Secretary of State’s Office:

Hancock County commissioner, Republican primary:  FINAL.

Phillip Riegle:  4,876.   NOMINATED.

Steve Oman:  2,972.


Ohio Senate, 1st District, Republican primary:

Cliff Hite:  14,863.   NOMINATED.

Milo Schaffner:  4,089.

Corey Shankleton:  5,212.


Van Buren School bond issue:   FINAL.

For:  527.

Against:  853.    DEFEATED.


Blanchard Valley Center renewal levy:  FINAL.

For:  7,411.     APPROVED.

Against:  2,345.


Findlay School District 5.9-mill renewal levy:

For:  3,016.    APPROVED.

Against:  1,523.


Arcadia School income tax renewal:   FINAL.

For:  275.   APPROVED

Against:  235.


McComb School District income tax renewal:  FINAL.

For:  329.   APPROVED.

Against:  91.




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