Findlay High School students protest tank top policy

Findlay High School students on Tuesday protested a portion of the school’s dress code that prohibits tank tops, something they called “sleevery.”
Male and female students protested by wearing sleeveless shirts to school on a day they titled “Tank Top Tuesday.”
Organizers said about 100 students protested. School officials thought the number was less.
One student was suspended in connection with the protest, and two others were taken home by their parents when they refused to change their sleeveless shirts and wear school-provided shirts that meet the dress code, said Craig Kupferberg, assistant superintendent.
Students could trade the school shirts for their own at the end of the school day, but those who refused to change their shirts or further caused a disruption were punished, Kupferberg said.
“We always give them an opportunity to dress appropriately,” Kupferberg said. “If anyone was suspended it was for insubordination or for becoming disruptive.”
The school district’s dress code prohibits tank tops because they’re too loose fitting and revealing, Kupferberg said.
“We want students focusing on their work, not other students,” he said.
School officials were aware that students were planning a protest of the dress code prior to Tuesday, because of discussion on social media sites. Students took to Twitter to air their complaints about the school’s dress code with hashtags such as #SaveTheTanks and #TankTopMassacre2014.
“We’re going all out. There were some huge things about it,” said Justin Dickey, 18, a senior who helped organize the protest.

Courier education reporter Max Filby will have more on Wednesday.


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