New distribution center to share tax savings

McLane Co., which will open a grocery distribution center on Findlay’s north end in 2016, eventually employing 425, will benefit from two large tax breaks, state and city officials announced Tuesday.
The business won a $3.6 million job creation tax credit from the state.
McLane also will be eligible to receive millions in property tax breaks from Findlay’s Community Reinvestment Area.
The company has pledged to provide $500,000 of the property tax savings for necessary infrastructure improvements on the site it will build on, and $100,000 more to enhance workforce development programs at Millstream Career Center.
“Not only do we get a great company, but we get a wonderful, fantastic investment,” Mayor Lydia Mihalik told Findlay City Council on Tuesday night. “This is all really good stuff.”

Courier reporters Joy Brown and Lou Wilin will have more on Wednesday.



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