Post-election reports: Oman outspent Riegle in GOP primary

Former Hancock County Commissioner Steve Oman outspent incumbent Commissioner Phillip Riegle in his bid for the GOP nomination in the May 6 Republican primary, according to post-election finance reports.

The report shows that Oman spent $17,408 in the final days of the campaign, nearly doubling the amount of money spent by Riegle during the reporting period. Riegle spent $8,444.

Both pre-election and post-election reports show the Oman campaign spent about $20,000 in all, compared to the $11,930 spent by Riegle’s campaign.

Riegle took 62 percent of the vote in the primary, easily defeating Oman, who has challenged him twice for the office. With no Democratic or independent candidates, the office will go to Riegle. He is currently finishing his second term as commissioner.



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