Findlay, Allen Township fire departments to have automatic aid agreement

Findlay will be entering into an automatic aid agreement with the Allen Township Volunteer Fire Department to provide assistance for confirmed commercial and residential structure fires.
The territory will encompass industrial corporations and other businesses just to the north of the Findlay, and the Hillcrest subdivision.
At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Fire Chief Tom Lonyo said the agreement will eliminate the step, present in traditional mutual aid agreements, that requires the city to wait for Allen Township to request help before fighting a fire.
The two departments will communicate via the Multi-Agency Radio Communication System.
The agreement will also allow Findlay firefighters to plan ahead for emergencies by inspecting the Whirlpool and Ball Metal factories.
Conversely, the agreement will enable Allen Township firefighters to respond when a large fire in Findlay requires the entire city department to turn out. The township firefighters would supplement the city force in case it receives a second fire call.
“The ability to leverage additional resources in the event of a large catastrophe is valuable,” Service-Safety Director Paul Schmelzer wrote to council members.
For all other fire and 911 calls the township receives, mutual aid will continue to be available.

Courier reporter Joy Brown will have more on Wednesday.



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