Findlay offers help to Toledo area

Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik said she spoke with Toledo’s information officer this weekend to offer assistance as the region grapples with its water problem. She also contacted Gov. John Kasich’s office to relay the same message.

“For as many times as those communities have come to our aid, particularly during floods, there is no reason we can’t help them,” Mihalik said.

The state’s emergency management policy for governments is to offer help and then provide it when requested.

Findlay does not have a plan in place for hauling water to Toledo and the surrounding places affected, but would come up with one if asked, Mihalik said.

The city is also ready, if Toledo feels it necessary, to set up a distribution point just off I-75, possibly at Hancock County 99, where a hydrant could be used to offer water.

“I believe our role may be long term” if water supplies up north remain off limits for more than a day or two, said Mihalik.

“We’ve told them, ‘whatever you need from us, we’ll do our best to provide,'” she said.



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