Hancock County sheriff warns of inspection scam

Hancock County Sheriff Michael Heldman is warning county residents of a potential scam involving property line inspections.

In the past week, deputies from adjoining counties have reported incidents involving male subjects approaching homeowners to inspect their property lines.

In the incidents, a man has asked the homeowner to step outside to walk their property. In one case, the man said he was with a government agency; in a second case, he said that their neighbors were going to install a fence.

The homeowner told deputies that the man then used his cell phone to call his boss, and during the conversation, overheard the man say they were in the backyard.

After viewing the property lines, the homeowner discovered their residence had been entered and money had been stolen from one of the rooms in the home.

In another case, the homeowner noticed a second male enter their yard, walking toward the residence. The homeowner immediately went back to their residence, at which point both men left the area.

Heldman said that anyone working for a government agency or utility company will have identification on them indicating what company or agency they work for.

Anyone who has contact with these individuals is asked to call the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office at 419-422-2424, or local law enforcement.


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