Findlay to map out 2-year budget

Findlay is preparing to map out a budget for the next two years instead of just one.
City officials announced Tuesday they will start preparing the budget, which will go through 2016, at a Sept. 9 meeting of council’s Appropriations Committee.
It’s the first time a city budget will be created for more than one year.
Although the state only allows a single-year budget to be adopted by the city, the second year will be mapped out to allow for more consideration of city priorities, officials have said.
Auditor Jim Staschiak has been advocating a two-year budget to provide a rough outline of the city’s financial goals and priorities. Last month, Mayor Lydia Mihalik said her administration would adopt the concept.
The mayor and auditor have disagreed on whether a budget should look even farther ahead. Last month, Mihalik said expense priorities should be based on projected revenues, while Staschiak said necessary services should be determined before identifying how much they’ll cost.
“Being able to properly project revenues more than one year at a time is just as important as expenses,” Mihalik said in July.

Courier reporter Max Filby will have more on Wednesday.


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