Hancock County auditor appraisers to carry identification

The Hancock County Auditor has implemented a new identification process for the safety of homeowners and those assisting with property tax assessments.

Appraisers from the auditor’s office will now carry identification badges issued by the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office.

Auditor Charity Rauschenberg said there have been reports of imposters claiming to be appraisers and inspectors throughout the state.

“Our appraisers will not ask to enter the home. It is their job to collect data on the structures from the outside,” Rauschenberg said.

Homeowners should also receive in the mail information about the appraisal prior to the visit. The mailers will request verification of details recorded at the auditor’s office. The information will be sent back to the auditor’s real estate department.

Rauschenberg said if property owners have any questions about personnel from the auditor’s office, they should call the Hancock County Auditor’s Office at 419-424-7836, or the sheriff’s office at 419-422-2424.


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