Findlay, Arlington BP stations rebranded

Three gas stations, formerly selling BP fuel, have been rebranded.

The former BP stations, at 800 Trenton Ave. and 1831 Fostoria Ave., have been rebranded to ExxonMobil. The former BP station at 133 S. Main St., Arlington, was demolished last fall. A new station under construction will open this spring as a Shell station.

The two Findlay stations were sold in spring 2016 from District Petroleum, in Huron, to Dunne Manning, in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Dunne Manning owns other stations in northern Ohio which are ExxonMobil branded, and decided to convert the Trenton Avenue and Fostoria Avenue stations to follow suit. BP gift cards are not being accepted at the stations.

The former BP station in Arlington was bought by Ottawa Oil, in Ottawa, in fall 2015, said Janel Kruse, general manager of Ottawa Oil. The new station will have a convenience store and will sell diesel in addition to gasoline, she said. The former station did not sell diesel and did not have a convenience store.



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