Ohio Logistics kicks in for ‘The Boot’

The Boot project, a fundraiser to put emergency barricades in Hancock County classrooms, received a $25,000 donation pledge this week from Ohio Logistics.
The Boot is an emergency barricade in the form of a rectangular steel plate that is mounted on the bottom of a classroom door. The plate has two steel pegs which can be lowered into holes drilled in the floor, preventing the door from being opened. It can withstand up to 16,000 pounds of pressure.
About $420,000 will be needed to install the Boot on all 1,871 classroom and administrative office doors in all Findlay City, Hancock County, private and parochial schools, and the Ohio Logistics pledge will mean the project has achieved one-third of its goal.
Ohio Logistics is a Findlay-based warehousing and transportation company.


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