Council begins splitting service, safety director posts

The decades-old discussion about whether the Findlay service-safety director job is too much for one person reached a milestone Tuesday.
“I can’t do everything anymore. It’s just worn me out,” Service-Safety Director Paul Schmelzer said before Tuesday’s City Council meeting.
Council gave a first reading to an ordinance that would allow Schmelzer to focus on half his current job, becoming the new director of safety. He would oversee police and fire protection.
The same ordinance would create a new job of director of public service. The city administration’s plan is to put Brian Thomas, an engineer for the city, in that job.
Schmelzer is ready to share the load.
“It’s just a lot to do it all. A lot of years with a lot of hours and a lot of committees and a lot of hats,” Schmelzer said before the meeting. “I’ve been pleased to do that and the experience has been great, but I’m ready to share some of that responsibility.”
In doing that, he will take a pay cut. His salary this year would total $149,489 as service-safety director. The pay range for the safety director would be $59,878 to $99,999.
Schmelzer said he also plans on offering private engineering consulting services.


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