Hancock jail full, prisoners overflow into other counties

Even after overflow to the Wood and Putnam county jails, the Hancock County jail is full. It’s full enough that people cannot serve their sentences.
There are 98 beds at the Hancock County jail, located at 200 E. Crawford St., and there were between 110 and 120 prisoners in Hancock County as of this week. Around 20 prisoners are being housed at the Wood and Putnam county jails.
The number of prisoners fluctuates daily as some are released for trial or as they have completed their sentences. However, the Hancock County jail has been overcrowded enough that when Common Pleas Judge Reginald Routson sentenced Andre L.D. White, 26, of Findlay, to 30 days in prison for a fifth-degree felony charge of inducing panic on June 8, Routson said White could not be sent to jail that day due to White’s health problems and a full jail.
Overcrowding at the jail, which opened in 1989, has been a problem for years. On Nov. 20, 2015, the Hancock County jail began sending some prisoners to Putnam County. In January, a spike in crime drove officials to place additional prisoners in the Wood County jail.
“We’ve dealt with overcrowding on and off for several years. There’s been times it’s been greater than others,” said jail administrator Ryan Kidwell.

Courier reporter Eileen McClory will  have more on Saturday.


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