Park district to reduce hunting at Litzenberg

The annual hunting-with-permission game management program on part of Litzenberg Memorial Woods, south of U.S. 224, will be shortened by two months this year to provide more opportunity for hikers and others to use the land.
Hunting by permit will be allowed Nov. 1 through Jan. 31.
The Hancock Park District board on Tuesday unanimously approved the action.
In a report to the board, park district Director Gary Pruitt listed several reasons for the change, which will allow other uses of the area in late summer and early fall, such as horseback riding, photography, birdwatching, educational programs, park maintenance and land management.
Pruitt said with less hunting, there will be more time to make improvements to the trail system at Litzenberg Memorial Woods, which are awaiting completion of similar work at Riverbend Recreation Area. The Litzenberg trail improvements will include trail realignment, new trail posts and signs, development of a new trail map, and development of a new park brochure.
He also said reduced hunting will allow photographers more time to use the property. The park district has a year-long photography contest which provides monthly recognition.
Pruitt also said the park district’s program department staff would use the area for outdoor recreational activities and educational programs for the public and school groups.

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