The Courier » Findlay cleaning up racist graffiti at Riverside Park

Findlay cleaning up racist graffiti at Riverside Park

Jacinto Trevino Jr., with the City of Findlay Street Department, cleans graffiti — the words “White Power” — off the wall at the city pool at Riverside Park Monday morning. (Randy Roberts/The Courier)

Findlay police are used to finding graffiti around the city but not the sort discovered Sunday morning at Riverside Park.
There, vandals spray painted “White Power” on the wall of the bath house pool building and swastikas on the bottom and side of the main pool.
The pool had been drained of water after being closed last week.
City Public Works Superintendent Matt Stoffel said the vandalism likely occurred late Saturday or early Sunday. It was reported to police by a passerby about 10 a.m. Sunday.
City workers began cleaning the mess up Monday using a power washer and heavy detergents on the pool, and wire brushes to remove the paint on the brick and stone building.
Stoffel said doors and windows of the building were also broken to gain entry, but relatively little damage was done inside.
“There really isn’t anything in there,” Stoffel said.
Police Lt. Robert Ring said the graffiti was different than most that police see, noting that the majority found in the past has been gang signs or symbols.
“This would appear to be the first of the racial variety, but may just be due to the problems elsewhere,” he said, referring to Charlottesville, Virginia.
Graffiti does occasionally surface in Findlay, including in the parks, but both Ring and Stoffel said there has been less this year than in past years, although there was a rash of it in some neighborhoods in March and April.
Regardless of the content, however, spraying paint on private or public property is a crime. Depending on the amount of damage, charges can be filed as either as a misdemeanor or felony.
Police have collected paint cans from Riverside Park and may have them examined for fingerprints.


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