UPDATED AT 3:30: Pooch pampering place planned

Findlay will be getting a new country club soon, this one for upwardly mobile dogs.

CJ’s Canine Country Club, a 12,900-square-foot dog day care and kennel, won approval of its site plan today from Findlay City Planning Commission. Construction will start this fall on the north side of Hancock County 99 and west of Allen Township Road 142. It will open some time in 2018, said Cynthia Jaqua, owner. The day care will have space for 50 dogs. Kennels will have room for 42, she said.

Canine clients will swim in a 4-foot-deep indoor pool with their furry friends, have a private pool session with mom or dad, or get swimming lessons.

Other times, pooches will lie on a padded table for a massage. Anxious dogs will be calmed with soothing, strategic touching of their chakras by Jaqua, a reiki practitioner, while the serene, sympathetic sounds of oriental flutes washes over the room.

“It’s very beneficial,” said Jaqua, a licensed massage therapist. “People have chakras (along the spine) … the same holds for dogs. Reiki just calms the nervous system. It gets rid of negative energy around the animal.”

During outdoor play time, poop and pee will be no problem.

Synthetic canine grass will drain liquids right into the ground and will clean easily, she said.

“It stays clean and sanitary,” Jaqua said.

Canine grass does not get muddy.

Dogs like it, too.

“Very soft on the paws and it’s also very good on their joints,” she said.

Swimming in the 18-by-25-foot pool also will be easy on their joints, she said.

An hour and a half to two hours of rest time will be another important part of the day care day.

“We turn down the lights, we turn on the music, we bring out the beds and they rest,” Jaqua said.

She anticipates that most of her day care customers will bring their dogs three days a week but some will bring them five days a week.

Some dogs will suffer separation anxiety. Jaqua’s practice of reiki will be their emotional rescue.

“I start at either the head chakra or the pelvic chakra. It doesn’t matter. And I just lay my hands on him. And there is a little bit of massaging going on,” Jaqua said. “It’s kind of like massaging their energy. And you go from chakra to chakra. You just go all the way down the dog’s body. And you can feel the dog actually melting underneath you.”



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