County to seek bids for Dalzell Ditch project

The Hancock County commissioners on Thursday approved a resolution to seek bids for the long-debated maintenance of Dalzell Ditch.
The project, estimated to cost more than $600,000, initially will be funded by the county, which will be reimbursed mainly through assessments of residents in the ditch’s watershed.
Property owners, who received assessment letters this summer, will pay a total of about $497,777. The state will pay about $8,113; Liberty Township will pay about $21,547; and Findlay will pay about $82,181 for a project cost estimated at about $609,000.
Dalzell Ditch, which runs through residential neighborhoods in northwestern Findlay, has been a source of flooding problems in the area. Maintenance of the ditch has been discussed several times, going as far back as the early 1990s.


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