Pro-Tec to add new line, 80 jobs

LEIPSIC — Construction of a $400 million addition for a new continuous steel galvanizing line at Pro-Tec Coating Co., in Leipsic, will start this fall. The company is expected to add 80 jobs when it opens the line in 2019.

Pro-Tec, which currently employs 315, coats and treats sheet steel for cars. Its customers include all major automakers and some auto-related companies in Ohio and surrounding states. Pro-Tec was formed through a joint venture of its parent corporations, U.S. Steel and Kobe Steel of Japan.

The new continuous galvanizing line will coat steel that will help automakers manufacture economically lightweight vehicles to meet increasing fuel efficiency requirements, U.S. Steel reported.

“We thank the JobsOhio team and Ohio’s regulatory authorities as well as the local, state, and federal elected officials for their support of our investment,” said David B. Burritt, U.S. Steel chief executive officer.

“Pro-Tec Coating’s planned investment in Leipsic is an example of how Ohio is leading the way in advancing lightweight steel for the automotive industry,” said JobsOhio Senior Managing Director for Automotive Kristi Tanner. “Ohio’s strength in the steel production and proximity to the automotive industry make Leipsic an ideal location for Pro-Tec to grow jobs and advance technology in the steel industry.”


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