Trick or cheat? Businesses to miss Halloween parade

Moving the Halloween Parade south of downtown on Tuesday will take away the annual boon enjoyed by some businesses serving food and drinks.

“That move means a really, really big loss,” said Lynne Calvelage, owner of Coffee Amici, 328 S. Main St.

Halloween Parade night has always been a big night for Coffee Amici. It makes as much money in a few hours on parade night as in “an entire day or so,” she said.

Lisa Allen, owner of The Baker’s Cafe, 105 E. Sandusky St., seemed discouraged.

“It kind of stinks. It’s a loss for us,” she said. “We sell a lot of hot drinks and some treats. We set a popcorn popper out front and we pop popcorn. We won’t be able to do any of that this year. That stinks.”

It could not come at a worse time. Businesses have been suffering in a downtown makeover that has torn up streets and sidewalks, keeping many would-be customers away.

“It’s insult to injury,” Calvelage said.

Downtown business owners understand the need to move the parade. The problem is, the construction crews are taking too long to finish the downtown improvements, business owners said.

Calvelage said the work crew is too small.

“It’s five men and a dump truck,” she said. “That’s not enough to streetscape a downtown of our size.”

The slowness of construction will bring the death of some downtown businesses, Calvelage said. She said Coffee Amici will recover because it is well-established, but some other downtown businesses will not be so fortunate.

“There will be shops and stores downtown that will close because of this,” Calvelage said. “I’ve talked to their owners. They will be gone.”



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