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‘Black Thursday’ shoppers line up for deals

Some families tag-teamed their “Black Thursday” shopping expeditions this year, sending one family member to wait for deals at one store, such as Kohl’s, while others went to Best Buy or Walmart.
Craig Payne said he was working with his family to get a TV and an Xbox One. He was standing in line on Thursday afternoon at Kohl’s on Findlay’s Tiffin Avenue.
Farther back in line, Lisa Johnson waited for her chance to get boots on sale, as well as nearly half-off a Canon camera on Thanksgiving Day.
“I usually don’t come out on Thursday, but I really needed a new camera,” she said.
Earlier in the day, at least 200 people lined up outside of Elder-Beerman on Tiffin Avenue at 11 a.m. in an attempt to get gift cards from the store, ranging from $5 to $500, as well as deals.
Inside the store, everything from men’s neckties to baby clothes, cosmetics, blankets and coats was on sale.
Down the street, about 30 people had lined up by 2:30 p.m. Thursday to get a 50-inch TV at Best Buy. Danielle Miceli of Findlay said she’d been at Best Buy with friends since 10:30 a.m. She was the second person in line and was decked out in snowpants and a warm winter coat.
Once Miceli got her TV, she said she and her friends planned on hitting Walmart for deals, and would celebrate Thanksgiving once they finished shopping.
More lines and shoppers are expected Friday, as stores roll out their “Black Friday” specials.

Courier reporter Eileen McClory will have more on Friday.


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