McComb seeks separation from Pleasant Township

The Hancock County commissioners have received a request to separate McComb from Pleasant Township.

Properties have been annexed to the village in the past, but those properties continue to pay real estate taxes to the township. The goal of the request is to make the township lines identical to the village limits.

Clerk Sara Mutchler said Tuesday the commissioners office is looking into the request and no action is necessary now.

In a letter to the commissioners signed by McComb Mayor Charles Latta and members of Village Council, the elected officials said they have determined that it is in the best interests of the residents of the village if the village limits and the township lines do not overlap.

There are three primary reasons for the request, according to the letter:

Our governments must adapt to changing conditions in order to effectively serve our constituents and to wisely expend the tax dollars contributed by the individuals and institutions of the community. Overlapping boundaries cause an overlapping governmental structure that historically does not allow for efficient use of time or resources, thus wasting taxpayers money.

Historically it has been shown that Pleasant Township trustees take action to represent the concerns of rural residents while the village makes decisions addressing the needs of those in the village. The 2010 census reflects that the population of the village is double that of the unincorporated residents of Pleasant Township (1,648 to 823).

We are quite aware that other villages in Hancock County pay taxes to their respective townships, however, those villages are receiving services for their tax dollars, i.e. snow removal, street repair, road salt, and other items of maintenance.

Quite simply, residents of the Village of McComb pay real estate tax dollars to Pleasant Township without services in return. As representatives of the village, we can find no productive benefit of being part of Pleasant Township.

The letter concludes that the approval of the conformity petition by the county commissioners is the only responsible thing to do. Pleasant Township is already operating apart from the village in almost every way, and simply granting the villages petition simply memorializes this reality.

Village Council approved an ordinance in May to petition the commissioners for the change.


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