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5:30 pm Beer Tasting Event at The Jones Mansion @ The Jones Mansion
Beer Tasting Event at The Jones ... @ The Jones Mansion
Oct 24 @ 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm
8:00 pm Gilbert & Sullivan’s ‘Patience’ @ St. Andrews Fellowship Hall
Gilbert & Sullivan’s ‘Patience’ @ St. Andrews Fellowship Hall
Oct 24 @ 8:00 pm
The Findlay Light Opera Company will end its 2014 season with an upcycled production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Patience.” The indie-retro version of the Gilbert & Sullivan classic was adapted by Jason Ferratus and director Sandra Krueger, and tells the story of a traditional college campus hit by a hipster craze. “Patience” will also mark the first Findlay Light Opera production to feature orchestral accompaniment and set construction since 2011. In this upcycled rendition of “Patience,” the fickle coeds of the local university are awash with unrequited love for their latest fan-girl obsession: a racy hipster poet named Bunthorne, played by Eric Hertenstein, who has taken the English department by storm. Bunthorne, who happens to be an enormous fake, only has eyes for the student union’s coffee barista and latte artist, Patience, played by Esther Darmahkasih. While Patience makes a great cuppa joe, she has no idea what love is all about. In fact, she’s only ever loved her great-aunt … and maybe that boy Archie she played with as a child. The now grown up Archie, played by James Rice, happens to be Patience’s latest customer. Archibold, the epitome of manly beauty, the embodiment of nature’s perfection, and the most magnetic of personalities, reveals that he’s never stopped loving Patience, which sets up a battle for her heart, and in turn the hearts of the entire female student body. Throw in a football team of bewildered athletes who don’t know where their girlfriends are, an introverted mascot, and an epic poetry slam confrontation — face to face and selfie to selfie — and you’ve got a rollicking evening of great music ahead. The show has a talented cast of supporting players, including Deb Shaffer, Tina Kelly, Maggie Hardesty, Sheryl Schirmer, Jason Ferratus, George Rustemeyer, Bob Schirmer and Talyn Foust. The chorus members are Alicia Creger, Casey Rebal, Samantha Henry, Megan Meyer, Tammy Stevenson, Adam VanGorder, M. James Foust and Joseph Rich. The show was conceived by and will be directed by Sandra Krueger.