Dallas Buyers Club

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I prefer to die with my boots on – Ron Woodroof

The outset of the HIV scare in the 1980s didn’t seem like a topic for a popular movie.

The fear. The homophobia. The inaction.

Finally got around to watching “Dallas Buyers Club” that brought Matthew McConaughey his Oscar as Ron Woodroof, a good old Texas boy who finds out – in an emergency room – that he has the HIV virus.

Woodroof refuses to accept his fate. After being scorned by his bar buddies and co-workers, he searches for alternative medicines from other countries.

The scene with McConaughey posing as a priest trying to fool customs agents is amusing.

He brings back meds to the U.S. to sell at a profit to the afflicted.

He battles hospital administrators, border agents and government officials.

Jennifer Gardner serves as the dutiful doctor/friend who tries to buck the system.

Jared Leto does a solid job as Woodroof’s assistant in trying to stay ahead of the authorities.

There is no preaching in this story, no stern lectures. Our lead character, Ron Woodroof, does not evoke sympathy as a boozing, girl-chasing man who doen’t hide his bigotry.

“Dallas Buyers Club” offers food for thought and does not sugar-coat its topic.


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