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Gas is $4 a gallon? Thanks Obamacare! – Tammy

Perhaps I should thank the critics who gave plenty of hate to the movie, “Tammy.”

I had put off seeing this flick before finally traveling to the cinemas last weekend. I’ve enjoyed Melissa McCarthy and the loose-cannon characters she portrays.

Criticism of “Tammy”” had lowered my expectations.

But I liked this story of a downtrodden Tammy, who loses her fast food job and then catches her husband serving dinner to a neighbor woman. This leads to a road trip with her aunt who drinks too much, played by Susan Saradon.

This story made me laugh along with the audience. Does that make us unworthy of watching movies ever again?

“Tammy” is not “Schidler’s List” or “Titanic” or even “Weekend at Bernies II.”

“Tammy” is a mindless comedy, O.K.?

Some criticized this film as “pointless, rambling” and maintained that other good actors were wasted in their roles.

But I found humor as Tammy dealt with unusual situations, be it with a water ski jet or a lesbian July Fourth party with Kathy Bates and Sandra Oh.

Some of the jokes and gags made me laugh hard.

And I can’t blame that on Obamacare.

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