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Hold That Thought

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Wait a minute honey/ I don’t think your joke’s too funny – Faces

A visit to the cinemas one evening revealed to me a quandary.

Bought a ticket to a movie and, while walking to the proper theatre room, I noticed I had been charged the lower senior citizen rate

I was a bit irritated because I don’t think I actually look like I’m ready for retirement, despite what my bosses might hope.

So why should I complain about a cheaper ticket? Am I that vainglorious?

Seems that some unusual circumstances can draw my consternation, causing me to dwell on a particular topic longer than I should.

Take, for another example, a few years ago when inside a music store, I noticed that the Rolling Stones’ terrific live CD, “Flashpoint” from 1991 was discounted with a $7.99 pricetag.

Discounted! The greatest rock group on Earth? Discounted? Who should I see to complain about this?

Once again, what’s there to complain about having to pay a reduced rate?

So in my advanced age – according to that blessed cinema worker – perhaps its would be best if I learned to accept the discounts that life offers.

Even if I don’t think the joke’s too funny.


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