First Pictures of REAL Accurail 36-foot Boxcar

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Milepost 1173


My friend Eric shared these photos with the rest of the Pirates.  It is the first look that most of us have had of the new Accurail 36-foot wooden boxcar.  The undecorated ones and some New York Central Lines cars have been on the market for a few weeks but I hadn’t seen them yet. 



The cars must be very popular as some of the online wholesalers/retailers have them already listed as out of stock.

For those of you who might be interested in Nickel Plate ones (due out in March), the Nickel Plate Historical Society’s Company Store will have them just as soon as we get our order.  Anyone who wants to may order items from the Company Store and it would also be a good time for those of you who are not yet members to nose around our website (click here) and see if a membership in the Society would be right for you!

As soon as I get them, I’ll have pictures here for sure.




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