Some Nice Decal Work

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A while ago, I got a call from my friend Mike.  He had something that he wanted to share with me and had a favor to ask.  Sure says I so about ten minutes later, the doorbell rings and he has some cool stuff that he had been working on that he wanted to share with me.

Mike also brought a picture and asked me if I thought I could make some decals for him based on the pictures.  Well, that isn’t always easy to do but after a brief Internet search, we found better examples of what he wanted and I told him I’d go to work.  He then pulled ut this silver tanker model and told me that he wanted to know if I could make decals for it from the logos we found.  Once we had the logos, it was pretty easy to do. 

After he left, I fired up my ALPS printer and had a set cranked out shortly thereafter.  I also had another really old set that I had worked on for him quite some time ago.  For about ten years, Mike & his wife ran a local ice cream shop here in Findlay.  They got a lot of their supplies from the Tiffin Paper Company and those supplies were delivered in a truck much like the Boley model he had found.  Mike has hopes of scratchbuilding a model of the ice cream shop that they ran but in the meantime, he thought the truck would look good on his layout.



So about a week ago, I get another call from Mike and he wants to “show me something.”  That usually means a cool model so again, he was here a little later with a small box of goodies.  There were a couple of new models that he had been working on but at the bottom of the box were these two nicely decaled trucks all ready for his layout.  He tried to give me a lot of the credit based on the decals I made for him but the real art isn’t printing them on the printer but rather theapplication of them without messing things up, and in that regard, Mike did a superb job!  We did crank out some great detail (note the lettering on the mudflaps and the tractor’s cab) and Mike did a really nice job of getting them in place and sealed.

One of these days, I’m going to have to watch him firsthand to see just how he does his decal work because it is always very good.  I can tolerat decaling but Mike has turned it up a notch and does very good work.




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