Manchester by the Sea

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I should burn in hell for what I said to you  –  Randi Chandler

The films “La La Land” and “Moonlight” both have a huge task ahead.

That is, they must prove worthy of their status in Oscar Land in my mind.

The REAL envelope, please…

Had the opportunity last weekend to view “Manchester by the Sea,” a well-regarded movie about a loner who is dragged back into the lives of his estranged family.

This film easily could have slipped into a paint-by-numbers network movie sob story, but the acting of Casey Affleck as a bitter janitor was absorbing.

A medical problem with Lee Chander’s brother draws him to his hometown, the location of a horrific tragedy, unfolded in flashbacks, that can never go away.

Lee (Affleck) struggles with his brother’s request to have guardianship of Lee’s 16-year-old nephew, Patrick.

Patrick is impossible to deal with, in other words, a teenager.

The two take the measure of each other in their quest to restore their lives following the death of Patrick’s father. Where should they live? With each other?

Patrick’s juggling of his two girlfriends is a source of bemusement in an otherwise grim story.

It’s story well worth seeing.  



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