It Pays to have Friends

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The phone rang the other day and it was my friend Mike, “Hey, Mr. Merk; you gonna be home? I want to show you something.”  Sure, why now?  So about fifteen minutes later, he stops by with this really cool two pack of these covered Pennsy hoppers.  They are rather expensive cars from Broadway Limited but he mentioned finding a dealer online who was offering them at a pretty reasonable price.  We chatted a while, he showed me a few other things in his collection of goodies then he left.

Later that afternoon/evening, I looked online and sure enough, that dealer still had some.  So I called Mike and asked him if he wanted to swap a light gray one for a red one.  He really liked the idea so I ordered a set of the light gray ones.  When they came a few days later, we got together and swapped so that each of us had one of each color.

This is a pretty neat arrangement since I don’t want a whole bunch of these cars on my NKP layout.  And… by having two different colors, they don’t appear as similar as if they were both the same color.  It isn’t the first time that we have swapped similar things for a little more variety on our respective layouts.  If either of us had a Pennsylvania themed layout then two or even more of these wouldn’t look out of place.  And, since the were sold in pairs, it made it all that much better for both of us.  Like I said, it pays to have friends… TRAIN friends! 🙂




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