Fun in the Sun?

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God speed mother nature
Never really wanted to say goodbye  –  the Guess Who

SO an acquaintance announced her plan to quit work and head to Florida to live with her daughter.

Bon voyage, I said.


Did she think this through?

To be fair, she detested her job, hated her boss. But if everyone in Ohio left for the Sunshine State because they couldn’t stand their boss, Interstate 75 would be a standstill.

If she wants to live the rest of her years in sunny weather where her skin more resembles a baseball mitt, so be it.

My friend said she would welcome the beach.

Someone told her that there are pools inside Findlay fitness centers to satisfy her swimming desires.

But my friend replied that would mean she would have to step out of the fitness center and into snowy weather, so there.


I informed her that Florida is noted for alligators and forest fires, conveniently forgetting the floods that have been known to strike Findlay.

Undeterred, her plans for the Sunshine State were not changed.

So I wish my friend a good life.

But don’t call me if there is an alligator at your door. 



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