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Vivian Mitchell: Despite what you may think, I have nothing against y’all.

Dorothy Vaughan: I know, I know you probably believe that.

Time to catch up on movies I’ve watched.

(And if you haven’t seem “Manchester by the Sea” by now, go do so!)

How do you create suspense when you know the historical outcome of a movie? You delve into characters.

 “Hidden Figures” does that with the story of African American women involved in formulating calculations during NASA’s space race in the early 1960s.

These women do their jobs while enduring Jim Crow attitude of co-workers at NASA. The separate bathrooms for coloreds, separate coffee machines.

Notable is Kirsten Dunst’s disdain for talented workers below her, a reflection of the attitude that those deemed inferior.

Kevin Costner as the group leader is a gem; all he wants to do is beat them Russians.

Elsewhere, I was anxious to watch the (eventual) Academy Award winner, “Moonlight,” about the difficulties of a boy growing up with hardships, including a drug-addled mother.

The movie held my attention as I couldn’t guess where this man’s search for his identity in cruel surroundings would end.



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