Casting a Spell

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You think that I don’t even mean
A single word I say  –  the Bee Gees

Full disclosure: I am not a great speller, my only saving grace as a writer for this newspaper is that when I notice that a word looks funny, it catches my attention.

Of course, my computer’s spell-checker does wonders for me on deadline.

But I’ve noticed that pondering a word that is spelled wrong and actually spelling that word correctly are two different animals.

So it came to pass that a group here at work entered an annual spelling bee in Findlay.

I would like to say that I was nervous the night before the contest, but I actually felt confident that my co-workers could carry us to victory.

Our team advanced to the second round when the field was cut from about 12 to five teams.

Words like “byzantine” were spelled correctly by us; we were familiar with the word “narcissistic.”

Our downfall, along many of the other remaining teams, was “acclivity,” which is a Latin-based word that means an upward slope.

Our team forgot to include a second “c.”

Not sure I will ever use this word in daily conversation.



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